"Ski with a Q"

SQI's mission is to bring you technical fashion that blurs the lines between skiwear, streetwear and sportswear for mixed use between piste-and-pavement.

Est. London 2021

Brand beginnings...

A recent university graduate, founder Freddy was in the market for a new ski jacket to wear on an upcoming ski holiday. Wishing to extract more value from his £200+ investment, Freddy wanted a jacket he could also wear here at home in the UK.

Typically, ski jackets are worn for 1-2 weeks per year, and sit in the attic for the other 50-51 weeks.

We believe that the most sustainable product is the one that can be worn 100+ times, and set out to engineer our own collection of multi-functional outerwear from recycled materials.

Reimagine the boundaries of a ski brand...

Slopes | Streets | Sports

Life's better in the mountains...

It's our firm belief that ski holidays are the best holidays; and life's better in the mountains.

We're here to prove it.

Watch this space...

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