[ 'Ski with a Q' ]

[ Sustainability, Quality, Innovation ]

Founded in London, 2021 - SQI is here to reimagine the boundaries of a ski brand.

We engineer technical outerwear that blurs the lines between skiwear, streetwear and sportswear to provide multi-functional use across piste-and-pavement for the modern urban explorer.

Our three principles of product design; Sustainability, Quality and Innovation underpin the crossover apparel we create. Our debut collection of jackets have been meticulously designed to deliver uncompromising all-weather mountain performance with everyday functionality in an urban aesthetic.

Whilst we may live in the city, we firmly believe that life is better in the mountains. Are you with us?

[ Elemeйts Raйġe ]

SQI Jacket 1.0

Evolving from a basic sketch, the first iteration of SQI Jackets have been carefully designed to meet adaptive requirements from piste-to-pavement through mountain and city.

jacket reviews
jacket reviews
The material is vibrant, comfy, warm and I love the magnetic poppers - so handy. It's an essential part of my winter wardrobe.
— Dave
jacket reviews
They look really good, and were perfect for the cold and wet conditions we had for our trip to Iceland. Very practical to take them on and off regularly too.
— Phoebe
jacket reviews
Skiing in Georgia, the jacket was perfect for all conditions. Warm and waterproof in a blizzard but lightweight and breathable in the sun.
— George
jacket reviews
Excellent weather protection and a slick finish, for a very reasonable price. Looking forward to taking them skiing again this season.
— Ben & Milo
jacket reviews
Very comfortable through changeable mountain weather. Chest pocket is useful and easy to use, I always take this coat to the football.
— Alfie
jacket reviews
I've worn my jacket skiing and can safely say I get more use out of it here at home. Perfect for a day out at the footie.
— Alfie & Rich