As the days get shorter and winter draws nearer, our attention turns to the ski season fast approaching. Anticipation builds as generous snowfalls land at iconic ski resorts across the European Alps and North American Rockies. Weather at home in the UK is deteriorating too, and it’s time to check that you’ve got a suitable jacket for the season ahead.

We’ve recently released our men’s and women’s winter ski jackets, suitable for both piste-and-pavement – and this blog will run you through our top 5 jacket features.

Number 1 – Recycled Fabrics

The 10k waterproof, wind-resistant outer shell made from recycled plastic bottles is lightweight, soft and breathable; whilst the quilted insulation is lined with 150g recycled polyester for a snug, cosy feel.


Number 2 – Deep Fill Chest Pocket

Functional, convenient and practical. This deep pocket offers ample room to store your essentials for whatever type of activity you plan on. The chest pocket also has two inner pouches, one made with felt, the other elasticated – designed to secure your phone and wireless powerbank for useful charging.

Number 3 – Magnetic Poppers

Designed for ease-of-access with gloves and mitts, these magnetic poppers are integrated into the deep fill chest pocket for a fun and functional finish. We think these are the most satisfying way to open and close a pocket – you’ll know what we mean once you’ve tried it!

Number 4 – Side Zip 

Really useful feature for putting on/taking off the jacket – but particularly helpful for cooling in mild/warmer weather. Lowkey a good way to style the jacket too.

Number 5 – Detachable Faux Fur Hood

We make the jackets; you make them your own. Take your pick whether you wear your jacket with faux fur or without. Simple to use poppers make the hood trim easy to remove and re-attach.


October 06, 2022 — Freddy Hoare